April 24, 2014

Please do not reshelve our books

If you come to the library, you probably see signs saying, “PLEASE DO NOT RESHELVE OUR BOOKS.” These signs are not unique to us. We see them at the public library as well. The reason for this is two-fold.

One is, although we trust our users to remember where they got the book, sometimes, spaces on shelves look alike and just about any book that is of the same thickness will fit in it. Books get misshelved and there they will stay until someone browses the area and notices the misplaced book. Sometimes, it takes a very long time to find the book.

The other reason for asking our users not to reshelve our books is because this is the only way we can tell what books are being used. When the time to order new editions or supplements comes and we review the usage for particular titles, chances are only those that show that they have been used will get updated or only those on certain topics will be bought.

So, please leave the reshelving to us! You will be helping to ensure that material that's being used is accurately counted and then put back in its proper spot for the next patron.

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