March 20, 2014

Close to finishing law school? Learn about us!

Yesterday we had some law students in their last year at UB visiting us. As their "tour guide" notes,
One aspect of the tour that was particularly interesting for the students was the availability of free Lexis, private study rooms, and Wi-Fi. I told the students that many attorneys meet with clients in the private study rooms, while using the wireless connection to access email, Lexis and the Internet. It was clear they were already pondering the possibilities as I talked about it - one of them immediately commented, "We could use the library as our law office." The idea that they could start their own law practice without the expense of an office was something they hadn't thought possible. When combined with the library's massive print collection, the students acknowledged that our facility really does offer just about everything a young attorney would need to get started in the profession. In fact, one of them has already returned (a day later) to conduct research for her current law school assignment!

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