April 8, 2016

Lunchtime favorites

New here? Welcome.

Working downtown has some nice benefits, such as a variety of good, locally-owned lunch spots. May we suggest some of our favorite lunchtime choices?

"Orange Glory’s egg salad sandwich is excellent: chunky chopped eggs, chopped olives, lettuce, and just enough mayo on grainy bread. Spend $2 more and get a side and cookie of your choice - it is a deal."

"The Thai basil fried rice with shrimp at Golden Port always satisfies. Extra veggies for a nominal charge makes it dinner."

"I like Java's, for inventive sandwiches like 'The Thing' on tasty bread, and fresh-squeezed lemonade. Not to mention the cookies and baked goods."

"Aunt Rosie’s has the best pizza slices within walking distance, and features a different 'specialty slice' every day."

"I would recommend the Chicken Caesar wraps at Ludwig's. The nice thing is that you can tailor your order and put more on of what you do like and less, or none at all, of what you don’t."

"Temple Bar & Grille has a good menu, good specials. It's small, but they've also got some outdoor seating."

"There's a daily special at Max's [Eastman Place] that has got to be one of best deals going around here. For $8 you get a delicious egg dish, usually omelette with seasonal vegetables and/or some wonderful cheese. It might be an omelette with asparagus; the other week my dish came with three slices of beef tenderloin. And you get great table service and the ambiance. Who knew? Well, maybe we don't want to tell too many people about this."

"The poutine at Vive! An appetizer for several co-workers or one hearty entree, it's sophisticated comfort food that appeals to the gastronomically unadventurous and food snob alike. Also made for sharing: the tartine plate, bruschetta-like little open-faced sandwiches. They're all delightful, but the avocado-grapefruit pairing is brilliant." Update 9/26/16: Vive has closed.

There's also Hart's, a fairly recent addition to our downtown food scene - "a grocery store a stone's throw away. They have a deli, sandwich shop, and a grab-and-go case, plus a pleasant seating area."

And lastly, for those venturing slightly farther afield -

"Try Tex-Mex on South Ave. Their food is delicious and their prices are great!"

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