June 18, 2015

Jazz Festival parking & street closures advisory

It's always so energizing to see all the activity in our neighborhood as people prepare for the two weeks of the Jazz Festival. There are some adjustments, though, that library staff and patrons may need to make during this period.

Tents are now up in two parking lots close to the library - AllPro Parking at 86 Gibbs Street and Regents Park Station at 61 East Avenue. Please see our Transit & Parking page for alternatives.

Street closures
The street closings for this year are detailed below.

Gibbs St. (from East Ave. to E. Main)
Mon., June 15 (Midnight) to Mon., June 29 (Midnight)

Chestnut St. (from E. Main to East Ave.)
Fri., June 19 (6AM) to Sun., June 21 (2AM)
Fri., June 26 (6AM) to Sun., June 28 (2AM)

East Ave. (from E. Main to Scio) & Chestnut (from Broad to East Ave.)
Fri., June 19 (5PM-Midnight)
Sat., June 20 (5PM-Midnight)
Fri., June 26 (5PM-Midnight)
Sat., June 27 (5PM-Midnight)

Main St. (from Gibbs to Chestnut, not including Gibbs or Chestnut)
Fri., June 19 to Sat., June 27 (5PM-Midnight)

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