August 23, 2013

East End is looking up

We love working downtown. We love Java's, we love Golden Port, we love the Eastman Theatre and RoCo. Some of us follow restaurant openings and closings in the neighborhood the way others follow the Supreme Court. So you know we read with great interest a story in today's Rochester Business Journal that discussed the evolution of the East End into a vibrant entertainment district and downtown living hotspot. We were especially pleased to see that the Courthouse, "home of the state's 4th Appellate Division and a huge law library," got a mention.

Yes, we are huge! One of the largest court libraries in the nation. And we are unique, the only appellate-level court library in the state which serves both an active judiciary and practicing bar, and is also open to the general public.

We've been here in the East End almost fifteen years now. Watch this space in the coming weeks for reminiscences on what it's like to move a library!

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